SunRise Clix  is combination of PTC and rev share site.

That means that you can earn double on one site.

There are several membership levels .Every upgrade level allows you to purchase more adpacks and more income from clicking ads. With this kind of PTC is important that you have referrals as many you can, direct or rented. It’s good if you have both. If rented referral is not active you can replace him with new one and that’s it.


Click value means if pay per click is 0.001 for standard members – for upgraded if is it set to 300% means that you will have 3 times better value than standard member. Regarding PTC’s is important to have many referrals and to click 5 ads daily to receive commissions from referrals.

For revenue share is not necessary to click ads to receive daily commissions.


If you promote and your direct referral upgrade and purchase something, you will get $$ for upgrade commissions plus % from him, for example if he purchased 5 ad packs which are $100 and if your upgrade level allows you 10% you will receive $10 to your account balance which can be withdrawn.

You don’t need to be upgraded in order to get paid but is better if you choose to upgrade because bigger level allows you to have more adpacks.